Chris Penn

I have been traveling full time on the road for over a decade. Today, I take full advantage of the opportunity to be location independent while making a decent income. This site showcases my services, current and past clients. Drop me a line, let’s start a project together!


Video Production

Offering a full suite of video production skills. Nine years experience shooting and producing videos for brands and YouTube. Producer and manager for two successful YouTube channels.

Social Media Content Creation & Managment

Three years experience producing content for brands and distributing their content over multiple social media platforms. Brands include Lululemon, Progressive Industries, Mountain Men of Alaska and Tiny Home Tours.

ISA Lead Prospecting & Real Estate Media Production

Over $3.8mm in previous and active listings generated in less than 6 months. Experience shooting videos and photos for real estate listings.

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Weekly Facebook & Instagram Reach


Commissionable Real Estate Prospected


Living and traveling full time on the road has been a dream of mine for over a decade. The social media platforms, services, businesses and websites linked below were built to achieve that goal!
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Skoolie Income Manual

Over my 10 years on the road, income creation has been my biggest hurdle. Not susprisonly, this issue is a major concern for others as well. That is why I put together the Skoolie...
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Zeppelin Real Estate Media

Zeppelin Media is a one stop shop for all of your real estate media needs. Many can take decent photos of a property to get it sold eventually, few can create content that will...
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Skooliegear.com was developed to showcase the tools and products I have used in our skoolie conversion. Here, you can find products ranging from composting toilets to diesel performance...
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The Off Grid Skoolie

I live and travel full time in my 2002 Bluebird school bus conversion filming for my multiple social media platforms. I share my journey on Facebook, Instagram and...
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Tiny Home Tours Project

Over the last 3 years I have been documenting the trend of young people ditching suburbia and hitting the road in their tiny homes on wheels. This channel is dedicated to sharing their stories...
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Progressive Industries

What started off as a simple how to video I developed and produced for Progressive industries, blossomed into an increasingly more responsible position creating and developing their social media platforms. Progressive Industries did not...


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